Bike Sharing Service [cogicogi]

User's Guide

  • Getting Started
  • Member Registration
  • Renting/Registration
  • Business Hours
  • Bicycles
  • Safety
  • Manners

Member Registration

Fast, simple registration at our ports or online.

* Member registration is not available at some of our ports. Please check our portmap for further details.

At our ports * Corporate Member registration can only be completed online
  • おサイフケータイで個人会員登録
  • おサイフ機能のない携帯電話・スマホで個人会員登録
  • おサイフケータイとSuica・PASMOで個人会員登録
  • おサイフ機能のない携帯電話・スマホとSuica・PASMOで個人会員登録
At Home or at the Office
  • Online Individual Member Registration
  • Online Corporate Member Registration
Credit Card Payment
*Corporate members can select either credit card or invoice as a payment method.